Chuck Raskin P.E.

During his career (over 45 years as a Registered Professional Engineer in multiple states) Mr. Raskin ( Chuck ) worked and consulted in a variety of engineering capacities. His experience also includes working  as a Plant Engineer for Chamberlain and Ralston Purina Corporations.

Chuck is an Electrical Engineer with a Masters in Computer Science.  His background is heavy in Automation including Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic designs.  His designs include new development and improvements for Food, Glass, Steel, Fiberglass, Canning, Wood, Paper, Lighting, Liquid Process, Material Handling and other industries. He has designed using Lasers, Water Jets, Plasma Cutters, Welders, and Machine Tools for CNC's & Robots. He is listed as the author of several patents for material handling, motion, robotics and automation.

For many years Chuck had been commissioned to train companies and users in the art of applying motion control and automation methods for a never-ending variety of processes. He did this through one-on-one customer interaction, as well as private industry and Motion Expo's around the world. He wrote articles for a number of magazines, including Motion Control, Motion, DesignFax, and PCIM. He was listed as a Technical advisor for technical magazines and was also an educational advisor for the American Institute of Motion Engineers (AIME).

Chuck is the author of a well known handbook titled "Designing with Motion Handbook," which elaborates on design methodology, controls, mechanics, and software, for intelligently applying motion to process applications, which is now available along with other papers on this site.  As a side note, Chuck is in the process of writing a new book with emphasis on AeroSpace BLDC Drive Design and advancements in control and application techniques.

Many of the Customers and Equipment Chuck has been instrumental in developing can be found on the Condensed Customer History page. As a final note Chuck obtained his 'Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt' Certificate in March of 2019.