Motion Articles

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  V & I modes A white paper on Voltage, Current, Torque and Speed Modes.
  Artificial Intelligence Thinking about Thinking
  Feedback Feedback Considerations
  Feedback Understanding Feedback
  Feedback Encoder Operation & Testing
  Feedback Resolver Operation & Testing
  Fuzzy & Motion Fuzzy Logic & High Performance motion Control
  Coding Language Considerations
  Multimedia Thoughts on Multimedia
  Where to Begin Planning the Process
  PID Tuning The Science of Tuning
  Motors Styles and Considerations
  Grounding Integration & Grounding
  Stepper Systems Stepper Design Considerations
  Sensing Stalls Paper showing a simple method for detecting Stepper motor Stall Conditions
  System Noise Eliminating Problems
  Modes of Operation Voltage and Current Mode Operation
  DARPA Autonomous Navigation
  Circular Interpolation Paper, including 8051 Assembly Code example
  Understanding Servos Tying the Servo Knot
  Trajectory Generation 'S' & Trapezoidal Curve Generation & Control
  Understanding Motor Operation Understanding Motor Operation