Motion Handbook - r6

Designing with Motion Handbook was written as a tutorial for those starting out in Automation, or for those interested in learning how the pieces to a System are 'pulled together'.


 Operational examples and software are given to ease the learning process of as how motion is developed and coordinated.  


Application examples and charts are given in clear English,
using as little math as possible for clarity of understanding.

Chapter   1 How to Begin Developing a Motion System.
Chapter   2 Thinking Before Integrating to Motion
Chapter   3 High Level Languages and Real Time Environment
Chapter   4 Brush and BLDC Motor Operation
Chapter   5 Integrating Motors and System
Chapter   6 Feedback Loops : Definition : Selection : Interface
Chapter   7 Phasing Motors, Tachs, Encoders and Controls
Chapter   8  A PID Analogy
Chapter   9 Working with the PID Loop
Chapter 10 Tying the Servo Knot
Chapter 11 A PID Simulation Program - with S Curve Accel
Chapter 12 Stepper Motion
Chapter 13 Designing Multiple Axis Intelligent Control Systems
Appendix A A Software Library with Algorithm Definitions
Appendix B An 8051uP HandWheel Algorithm
Appendix C An 8051uP Registration Algorithm
Appendix D An 8051uP Circular Interpolation Algorith
Appendix E An 8051uP, 'C' & BASIC Spline Curve Algorithms
Appendix F An 8051uP Logarithm Math Algorithm